Top 5 Worst Dragon Ball Characters of all Time

Top 5 Worst Dragon Ball Characters
Top 5 Worst Dragon Ball Characters

Dragon Ball in his long history has had a huge number of characters. From lovable interesting characters to just plain boring characters. But here we are going to talk about characters that literally are annoying, bad or downright useless.

These are Top 5 Worst Dragon Ball Characters of all Time.

Minor Spoilers in Top 5 Worst Dragon Ball Characters of All Time

5. Chi-Chi

Kaioken ChiChi
She for some reason has Kaioken

She literally was a catalyst that turned Gohan into one of the most wasted characters in the series. She literally hates that any of her kids go to fight.Gohan and Goten would slaughter anyone up to Namek saga without any problems, and she is afraid that her sons would get hurt. Mind you she also doesn't want Pan, her grand Daughter, who is already showing signs of Ki manipulations in such early age, to be a fighter. She is also one of the most cringiest characters in the series. She would rather have Goku get a job and her kids do homework then training. Because if a world destroying threat shows up, Goku's job would be the best option to fight that threat.

Like seriously, all of Buu saga could be put on her head as well. If Gohan had been training and also training Goten along with Trunks, they would never have gotten the need to even worry about Buu getting revived. Gohan could have thrashed Dabura in their fight and everything would have ended right then and there. So yeah, thank you Chi-Chi for making 2 and potentially 3 of the most powerful Saiyan Human hybrids in to complete and utter embarrassments.

4. Puar

Are we sure Puar is a boy?

The very definition of useless characters. Puar has literally no accomplishments or anything to write about. Puar is literally just there. I am doing everything I can to make sure I write about Puar but there is nothing to write about. Puar is a boy but has a very annoying and feminine voice. And for some reason he is the only member and leader of the Yamcha fan club. He can shape shift, cool. But so can Oolong, who also has done more in the series. That's about it really. Moving on.

3. Chiaotzu

Chiaotzu, Nappa just want to catch you in his Poké Ball

Again very definition of useless. Chiaotzu has also done nothing in the series. He had a fight with Krillin in early Dragon Ball, which he also lost, then got killed by mercenary Tao, got revived and then during the fight with Nappa, he decided that going kamikaze would work against Nappa. That utterly failed and it did nothing of worth as well. Was Nappa injured by it? NO. Did it work as a catalyst to actually beat Nappa? NO. All it did was made Tien angry and he later died as well. So again, a pretty useless and pathetic character. And even in Dragon Ball Super, where characters like Master Roshi have gotten some great moments and recognition and have come back to the spotlight, Chiaotzu has stayed mostly absent and when he does appear, he is literally reduced to being a playmate for Marron or a spectator on the sides.

2. Broly(Original)

The legendary Super Crybaby

If any of you think Broly was not gonna be on this list then you people should really reconsider your priorities. His entire character is basically a Steroid driven saiyan who is a giant cry baby. Like really, his entire motivation in the first movie is that Goku (after he was born and just a few hours old baby), cried next to Broly(who was also just born and a few hours old baby). Let that sink in for a minute.

Broly was supposed to be this Legendary Super Saiyan that come up every 1000 years or so, and He was just a giant man child. Broly didn't hate Vegeta for some reason, despite his Father actually stabbing him, He didn't hate the Saiyans for abandoning and trying to kill him, He didn't hate Frieza for destroying his home planet. No, He hated Goku because he cried as a BABY. He for some reason returns in the second Broly movie where he has become so retarded that all he can say is KAKAROT and nothing else except for this one line near the end towards Gohan "Not until you lie dead at my feet...". He was for some unknown reasons brought back in a third movie as a clone of the original. This third movie is also considered by many to be one of the worst Dragon Ball Movies ever made.

1. Pan(GT) and Giru

Pan and Giru
Pan and Giru, The worst couple in the series

Of course Pan and Giru were gonna be no.1 on the worst Dragon Ball characters list. Pan's constant "Grandpa" chants and Giru's constant "Danger, Danger" and "Giru, Giru" chants were annoying as hell. Pan was mostly responsible for majority of the events in Dragon Ball GT.

Pan was already annoying enough, but the show runners thought of a bright idea to pair Pan with another annoying character, thus Giru was introduced. And the sad part is, Pan was potentially one of the strongest fighters in the series, who was greatly wasted. Pan provided nothing to the series as well and only served just more useless moments to the overall jarring Dragon Ball GT

Final Words

Although me and the majority find these characters bad, doesn't necessarily means you should as well. You might find something redeeming about them, and if that is true, then you have every right to like them. But for me, they are just plain annoying or just downright Bad.


  1. Broly really sucks. Don't understand the Hype around him.


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