How Universe 7 can survive without even needing to beat Jiren

How Universe 7 can survive without even needing to beat Jiren
How Universe 7 can survive without even needing to beat Jiren
Universe 7 can survive without beating Jiren in the last episode. Dragon Ball Super is about to air its last episode. And Universe 7 doesn't need to beat Jiren in order to win. Let's look at how is that possible.

How Universe 7 Can Survive

In the last episode of Dragon Ball Super, we saw that Goku despite being stronger than Jiren was unable to eliminate him. As Ultra Instinct started it's toll on his body. Hence, Jiren almost eliminated him. However, luckily Goku was saved by Frieza. We then saw that Frieza and Android 17 along with Goku are still on the stage. Making the fight a 3 on 1.
As we know that the rules of the Tournament of Power state that, "The Universe with the most fighters at the end wins." So we do Know that Universe 7 has the numbers advantage on Jiren. In the last episode, we saw that Goku lost UI because of the toll it caused. So we can assume he is not getting it in the last episode. Then we also have Frieza and Android 17 back on screen.
So Jiren can beat all 3 of them. Yet neither of the 3 currently possess the power to beat him. Yet they can just stay away from him. They don't need to beat Jiren. U7 survivors just need to stay on the stage for the last few seconds that remain.

The Strategy Of Survival

  1. Stay away from Jiren
  2. If Jiren attacks, Dodge it.
  3. If Jiren throws someone out. Somebody save them.
Remember we are talking about nothing more than a few seconds of time remaining. If anyone from Team universe 7 is taking Jiren head-on, they are gonna lose. Jiren is relatively beaten compared to the last time Frieza and 17 fought him. But he is still uber powerful. He can still muster enough power to beat all 3.

Final Thoughts

What do you guys think?  Can Frieza, 17 and Goku in their current state beat Jiren? I don't think so. Comment on what you think on How Universe 7 can survive. and be sure to check out 4 reasons why Dragon Ball Super going on a Hiatus is good news. You can also subscribe to My Youtube Channel for Awesome Dragon Ball Videos.


  1. Should have gone with this idea. It could happen in the Manga

    1. Manga is crap. Roshi fighting Jiren is beyond ridiculous.


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