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5 Dragon Ball Super Broly! Facts You Should Know

5 dragon ball super Broly facts you should know
5 dragon ball super Broly facts you should know

With the first official Dragon Ball Super movie on the horizon and the new trailer released. Massive information about the movie has been released. These are the 5 Dragon Ball Super Broly! Facts You Should Know.

As you all know that a short while ago it was confirmed that the new Dragon Ball Super Movie would be named, Dragon Ball Super Broly. That has split the fanbase a little. Some are glad, while some are kinda angry about it. Broly did get 3 movies, which continued to decline in quality over their course. Bio-Broly being the absolute worst movie in the trilogy and one of my most hated movies in the series. But Things look like they are about to change. These are the 5 Dragon Ball Super Broly! Facts You Should Know.


5 Dragon Ball Super Broly! Facts You Should Know may Contain Minor Spoilers

1. It’s A Reboot.

Yes, this movie is a reboot. This one is a complete reset of the Broly movies. This kind of makes me intrigued about it. According to Akira Toriyama, He will personally be rewriting the Broly character and the movie. Meaning we can expect some major, good changes.

2. A New Broly

Again with the reboot revamping Broly, we could and should expect a better character in terms of personality. In the original trilogy, Broly’s character was pretty underwhelming. Introduced as a legendary Super Saiyan. He pretty much beat the living hell out of everyone in a pretty convincing way, looked unstoppable, etc. But his origins and the reason for being a blood lusted brute were just plain bad.

I covered this in my article, is Broly overrated? Discussing the evil steroid abusing giant man-baby. But now, he can be a better character. Have a genuine personality, have an actual reason to be fighting rather than just because a baby cried next to him when he himself was a baby.

3.It’s Canon

Written by Akira Toriyama and set after the Tournament of Power. This movie is confirmed to be the next part in the series. So Broly will officially be one of the few characters to jump from Non-Canon to Canon. Meaning he will join the ranks of Bardock, Gregory and a few more who were anime only and later on became part of the official canon.

4. Broly Will Meet Frieza

With the Trailer release, this will be the first time that Broly and Frieza will meet each other in any form of media outside of Video Games. This opens up a lot of opportunities for the movie. Frieza is the guy who destroyed Planet Vegeta. Even if the movie is a reboot, the connection between Frieza and the Saiyans doesn’t change. Who knows, Maybe Broly will actually want to kill the one responsible for his home planet being destroyed rather than someone who cried as a baby next to him. Let’s hope so.

5. Broly’s Power Is more maximum than Before

So far in Dragon Ball Super, we have had Goku and Vegeta go up against:-

  • A God Of Destruction
  • A Super Amped up Golden Frieza
  • An Assassin Who can manipulate time
  • An Immortal Kai
  • And A Mortal Stronger than a God Of Destruction

With the release of the trailer, we can see that Broly will fight Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza. Without transforming(for the most part) might I add. The Question, just how powerful will he be? And what will be his motivation behind it?

Broly at the end of the day may still be a Universe 7 Saiyan. Compared to the names and title listed above, Kale despite being from Universe 6 was pretty weak. Compared to Universe 7, U6 Saiyans are pretty OP Saiyans. So the question is Can Broly be stronger than Jiren? If yes is the answer, then how?


So, these are the 5 Dragon Ball Super Broly! Facts You Should Know. The movie will release on December 14 of this year.  With the English release probably around mid to end 2019. I personally am looking forward to this movie. And let’s be honest anyone saying they won’t see the movie, will still see the movie and find things to complain about aside from the actual reasonable complains. Akira Toriyama has claimed that Dragon Ball Super: Broly! Will be the best-animated movie in the franchise, also will be a multi-layered story taking place at different times. So look forward to probably the BEST DRAGON BALL MOVIE to date.

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